The Longest Day

The Longest Day


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Did you know that big beautiful queen you have working away in your hive has already begun to taper off her laying?  That’s right.  After the summer solstice, June 21st, the days begin to shorten, and though its gradual at first, your queen is beginning to reduce the rate at which she lays.  The length of the day governs her rate of laying.  It wont be noticeable for some time to come as the eggs she has been laying at a peak rate will not produce their young for weeks to come.

It wont be noticeable right away, because in August your hive will brim to overflowing with bees and on those hot days you will see a lot of them hanging out on the front porch of the hive.  (Or as a crusty old timer friend of mine says, “they just like a bunch of teenagers sitting around on the front…

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