Tiger Swallowtails and Life

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Faithful readers, you may have noticed it’s been a bit, a bite out of time since I last posted. I’ve had much to contemplate, places to travel, lovely connections with Earth, all narrowing down to this moment. Today, milkweed in full bloom and a tiger swallowtail butterfly in incredible perfection burst into my life as I was pulling up to my friend’s home, where I am spending several weeks this summer. It was glorious to my eyes.


The beauty of this lovely creature is a gift.


Photographed in mid-flutter …



In witnessing graceful, spontaneous interludes like this, my spirit is glad.

I love what life sends my way, and what I attract into it – perhaps, like this tiger swallowtail, happening upon fragrant milkweed, in full bloom. May we all thrive, and prosper.

IMG_5502 (2)

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