26 steps to self sufficiency!

26 steps to self sufficiency!

By Author KVR
26 steps to self sufficiency!
1. Plant a garden : This is the basic building block for anyone looking to walk a simpler path in life in the modern world. Especially with rising fuel costs and resulting food costs increases it is imperative to minimize the impact on a families financial situation. More and more of the average families monthly income is slowly being eroded by the cost of just putting food on the table. I understand a lot of people do not have a lot of land to totally grow their own food but there are many options available to grow in small footprint and help at least offset the cost of groceries. Besides it also helps develop ones skills for any future plans.
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Promote Your Books and Blog: A Look at Author Websites!

Promote Your Books and Blog: A Look at Author Websites!

Something to think about.
Promote Your Books and Blog: A Look at Author Websites
by Cheri Lucas Rowlands…
The comments poured in on our last two posts highlighting new books by WordPress.com authors. We’re happy to host such a prolific literary bunch! For those of you interested in using a website to promote your books, take a look at three authors on WordPress.com who do this well — each with very different designs and approaches: Read Full >> http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2014/05/27/author-websites/