Moringa Drumstick (seed pods) in the making.

Moringa Drumstick (seed pods) in the making...

Moringa Drumstick (seed pod) in the making.
Close up on Moringa Oleifera seed pods growing,
it’s rare to see the drumsticks starting the grow from the flowers.
I love to photograph nature actions.

Moringa Drumstick in the making
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How to grow Moringa using cuttings, plant propagation

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How to grow Moringa using cuttings, Moringa plant propagation..

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Moringa leaves
Moringa superfood leaves

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cutting new growth

What is permaculture gardening??

A beginner’s guide to permaculture gardening

Don’t get stumped by the name: permaculture is a simple, vital tool for food growers and gardeners alike

A philosophy of gardening. Gardening and philosophy. Either way it seems strange to the uninitiated. However, one thing permaculture isn’t, to many people’s surprise, is a cult. So what exactly is it?

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Further information:
Websites: Permaculture Association
Permaculture Magazine@

Moringa permaculture gardening

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Moringa trees  nitrogen

How to grow a moringa tree Book


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Lambs Quarters Edible weed!

lambs quarters

Lambs Quarters weed: For years I pulled these up in the yard, I always wondered where these good nutritionally well YES!!!! I’ll never discard of these again…

Lambsquarters is one of the highest natural forms of nutrition,
It grows right in your backyard like dandelion Nettles and other weeds.
It is a huge source of vitamin A and K also high in vitamins and minerals.
It can be juiced and used in smoothies.

bees moringa
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10 Ways to Grow a Shade Garden

10 Ways to Grow a Shade Garden
10 Ways to Grow a Shade Garden

10 Ways to Grow a Shade Garden
We love to grow all types of plants and herbs.
With the right plants and a few tricks, you can grow a productive food garden in a shady space.

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Moringa provide nitrogen

Moringa provide nitrogen

Moringa trees provides good nitrogen
for plants. It’s great to grow Moringa trees in your gardens..
These broccoli are 2 times bigger than my others in another area planted at the same time.

Healing Moringa Tree
Healing Moringa Tree

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