Home Pharmacy With Herbs!

Home Pharmacy With Herbs


When You do a little surf  on our web page , maybe practical idea will comes to you, and that is to make your home herbal pharmacies, which will be parallel with all other drugs. In history behind us, it was usual and  believe the fact that only part of these plants, seeds, flowers, leaves, gather and receive greater health and preventive safety. This is only suggestion,what ho have inside your herbal pharmacy


Wild strawberries, raspberries, birch, chestnut, walnut and mint and sure plantain.

Hawthorn, wild strawberries, chokeberry, anise, rose hips, mandrel.

Scots pine, birch, poplar, young walnuts

Watermelons, sunflower, pumpkin, flax

Birch, oak

Cherry, thorn, linden, andzelike

Yarrow, thyme, oregano, bay leaf, thyme, mint.


Salep, iris, mallow, thorn,

And always highly hygienic wood ash in small quantities.



– See more at: http://thetreatmentherbs.com/%ef%bb%bfhome-pharmacy-with-herb-2/#sthash.Q60eBx61.dpuf

– See more at: http://thetreatmentherbs.com/%ef%bb%bfhome-pharmacy-with-herb-2/#sthash.Q60eBx61.dpuf

10 Ways to Grow a Shade Garden

10 Ways to Grow a Shade Garden
10 Ways to Grow a Shade Garden

10 Ways to Grow a Shade Garden
We love to grow all types of plants and herbs.
With the right plants and a few tricks, you can grow a productive food garden in a shady space.

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