Natural News Blogs Medicinal Herbs that rejuvenate the entire human body

 Medicinal Herbs that rejuvenate the entire human body!

Most medicinal herbs contain many natural components that assist each other with producing a wide variety of good health results for all body types.  Organic herbs that regulate the body; in my opinion, have a coded intelligence to complete different functions on top of riding toxins.  While our inner-being screams for repair, the actions of herbs are totally habitual and as precise as a dripping faucet, we only have to consume enough of the ones that correct.  Whereas the effects of prescription-drugs can pack a sweeping first blow with quick results, long-term herbal use go much deeper in healing. As I was plagued with headaches, the use of herbs not only eliminated the pain, but did away with the underlying activity causing the pain.  We’ve all heard the saying, “pressure will burst a pipe”.  Well this is also true when you create a healthy condition in an unhealthy environment, but take note, consistency and discipline must be respected to obtain the rewards of renewal.

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Beginning Gardener: Class 4-Walking You Through What You Need To Know

Crazy Green Thumbs

This is the fourth and final installment of my beginner gardening tutorial. For this class I decided to list some of my favorite books and growing aides. The book list is by no means exhaustive but I have some that have truly helped me form the backbone of my gardening approach. I am not affiliated with any of these products, but they have definitely helped me understand some key gardening concepts that I have incorporated into my understanding of soil, compost, growing, harvesting and disease/pest control.

Find the first three classes here:

Beginning Gardener: Class 1

Beginning Gardener: Class 2

Beginning Gardener: Class 3

One of the first things I suggest is learning about what is on the cutting edge of gardening ideas. Thoroughly investigating several new concepts helped me merge and arrange them into what would work the best for me and my local growing conditions. The first idea…

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Tiger Swallowtails and Life

Pachamama's Beautiful Food

Faithful readers, you may have noticed it’s been a bit, a bite out of time since I last posted. I’ve had much to contemplate, places to travel, lovely connections with Earth, all narrowing down to this moment. Today, milkweed in full bloom and a tiger swallowtail butterfly in incredible perfection burst into my life as I was pulling up to my friend’s home, where I am spending several weeks this summer. It was glorious to my eyes.


The beauty of this lovely creature is a gift.


Photographed in mid-flutter …



In witnessing graceful, spontaneous interludes like this, my spirit is glad.

I love what life sends my way, and what I attract into it – perhaps, like this tiger swallowtail, happening upon fragrant milkweed, in full bloom. May we all thrive, and prosper.

IMG_5502 (2)

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Writespiration #46

Fire in our soul!

Sacha Black


One of the things I’ve been thinking about recently is the elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. There’s a couple of reasons for this. One, in my novel, there are a set of characters that can control the elements, so I have been doing some research.  Two, I am developing a new series which I will run once a week on the weekend. It will be totally different to anything I’ve done before so I won’t be launching the series for a few weeks until I am happy with the posts.

This weeks writespiration is Fire. Here’s mine:

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The Longest Day

The Longest Day


1ST_9063 1ST_9073

Did you know that big beautiful queen you have working away in your hive has already begun to taper off her laying?  That’s right.  After the summer solstice, June 21st, the days begin to shorten, and though its gradual at first, your queen is beginning to reduce the rate at which she lays.  The length of the day governs her rate of laying.  It wont be noticeable for some time to come as the eggs she has been laying at a peak rate will not produce their young for weeks to come.

It wont be noticeable right away, because in August your hive will brim to overflowing with bees and on those hot days you will see a lot of them hanging out on the front porch of the hive.  (Or as a crusty old timer friend of mine says, “they just like a bunch of teenagers sitting around on the front…

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We Love White Sage

We Love White Sage

sacred white sage sage seed

We love to grow it and use it just as our ancestors.

Uses: White Sage is a wonderfully versatile medicinal herb that has been used by Ancient people, Native Americans, and even in modern medicine to boost immunities,

For cleansing and purification, strength and wisdom.
*Native American Sacred Beliefs
*Clearing Negativity
*Medicinal Properties of white Sage
*Improves skin conditions eczema
*Boost immunities
*Great fever reducer
*Natural Antibacterial agents

A landmark study conducted in 2007 titled, “Medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria,” published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology observed that smudging is an extremely potent form of sterilization.  According to the study,

“We have observed that 1 hour treatment of medicinal smoke emanated by burning wood and a mixture of odoriferous and medicinal herbs (havan sámagri=material used in oblation to fire all over India), on aerial bacterial population caused over 94% reduction of bacterial counts by 60 min and the ability of the smoke to purify or disinfect the air and to make the environment cleaner was maintained up to 24 hour in the closed room. Absence of pathogenic bacteria Corynebacterium urealyticum, Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens, Enterobacter aerogenes (Klebsiella mobilis), Kocuria rosea, Pseudomonas syringae pv. persicae, Staphylococcus lentus, and Xanthomonas campestris pv. tardicrescens in the open room even after 30 days is indicative of the bactericidal potential of the medicinal smoke treatment. We have demonstrated that using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.

Thanks to this amazing study we now know that smudging with sacred herbs is not only soothing to the mind and spirit, it is affecting the health and even safety of the actual environment in which it is done.

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white sahe hand copy  white sage extract3